How does it feel to be born in the world where your existence is equal to a mere victim?

  Just  being a  hearing impaired person makes your 'live a normal life' card expire for lifetime and just like that in the blink of an eye you are isolated from your own world, how would anyone of us feel? Sorry to break it to you but this is what we the so called 'perfect humans' are doing, always mocking and labelling handicapped people. People with hearing impairment are not at all victims. They have the same potential in them [...]


They say “When you are deprived of one sense, you are blessed with the other”. One of the most auspicious senses we are granted with is the Sense of Hearing and that makes us undoubtedly the most wonderful creatures on this planet since we can connect to the beautiful and melodious frequencies of this God made nature. The chirping of birds, swaying of the leaves ,rippling of water and the breeze of air makes us so much connected to [...]