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 Love Food Hate Waste

 Love Food Hate Waste INDIANS waste as much food as the whole of the United Kingdom consumes – a statistic that may not so much indicative of our love of excess, as it is of our people. Still, food wastage is an alarming issue in India. The Landfills and dustbins in the locality are evidence of how the food is treated in INDIA. Weddings, canteens, hotels, social and family functions, households emit out so much food. According to the United [...]

Showing the facility of data

Showing the facility of data Many folks have detected this expression: information is Power. to completely perceive this expression, we tend to initial got to outline knowledge: one. truthful data two. false data thought to be true. Indeed, if you possess information that consists of truthful data, you are well on your thanks to being sceptered. If, however, the information you possess is untrue (as is usually the case once this data comes from industries and people that place [...]

How an Impaired Person can make their future

How an Impaired Person can make their future This blog article is based on the impaired person in which how he can make is future bright. First of all the main problem of the impaired person is that he cannot hear so first he has to Provide by the various mechanisms that are available in the market so he can hear what is saying being said by the other person. Next and the important part that he must be taught that is [...]

Qualities of an impaired person

Qualities of an impaired person This blog article is based on the qualities that are there in the impaired Person which can make their future bright. There are many qualities of the impaired person which make their future bright. They have six sense due to that without any knowledge they get to know what is happening near them. If they are taught how to work at that time they can show their qualities that are what can do for themselves and [...]

Technology for Visually Impaired

Technology for Visually Impaired High Tech tools for visually impaired Assistive technology for those who are visually impaired is a personal topic to me. My sister-in-law has limited vision and recently came to live with my husband and me. We knew had a lot of work to do in order to prepare our old farmhouse for her and her guide dog, but we didn’t know where to start. I’m so glad we did our research because as it turns out, technology [...]

The Life

The Life Life is all about thinking to live and so we are gonna talk about some facts needed to lead the life "Mind Your Own Business" Are you spending all your time in other people’s business? Are your energy and effort spent minding other people’s concerns? I am not referring here to gossiping, rumor mongering or any such vice. I am referring to the thing that makes thousands of people in this country get up early in the morning, leave [...]

Main Problem that is faced by the impaired Person

Main Problem that is faced by the impaired Person This blog is basically based on the main problem that is faced by an impaired person. There are many problems that are faced by an impaired person. Mainly the problem of the impaired person is that they can’t hear and due to this they cannot communicate with the other people. There are many other problems that are faced by them they are due to the impaired problem most of the [...]

Donate with Trust! Donate for India

Donate with Trust! Donate for India Visit our site Introduction: Philanthropy, briefly defined as a private action for the public good ( Payton, 1988 ), represents contributions (of money, time, goods and specializations) voluntarily donated to the common good ( Schuyt, Smit, & Bekkers, 2004 ). These donations can be intermediated by the third sector or non-profit organizations, such as religious, educational, scientific, health, charitable, among other bodies ( Payne, 1998 ). In the face of the acknowledgment of the collaboration that philanthropy [...]

Realize that every little bit helps!

Realize that every little bit helps! Visit our site Helping others: it's a core part of humanity, connect together and helping a man or woman. In times of adversity, the people who help others become an inspiration and their stories are remembered until ages are passed, such as helping the nation recover from national disasters and from some kind of tragedy. Some men and women even commit their whole lives for helping others, from the military forces that protect our nation, [...]

Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment Women Empowerment itself tells that Social Rights, Political Rights, Economic stability, judicial strength, and all other rights should be also equal to women. There should be no discrimination between men and woman. Women should now there fundamental and social rights that they get once they born. There should be respect and dignity for Women. They should have total independence of their own life at both places, inside the home and also outside at their work. They should be [...]