About Us

Sounds of Silence is an initiative, straight from the heart of a chosen few who wish to fill the lives of million hearing-impaired kids across cities, borders, nations with the beauty of expression and art of communication.

Sounds of Silence (SOS) is India’s first technology based NGO, empowering the hearing impaired individuals to overcome the barriers to communication that they face, and providing them a new way to interact with the world.

SOS, is an organization working for the betterment of the hearing impaired individuals, by providing them with a platform to interact with the outer world. We at SOS, want to make a difference in the lives of these special kids by providing them with mobile phones so that they can text one another.

Moving towards a Non-Voice Centre

The Hearing Impaired students, through SOS, receive a 2 month training course in each of the following domains:

1) Search Engine Optimization
2) Email Marketing
3) Data Entry

SOS has collaborated with several small and mid-sized companies, which are outsourcing their online marketing work to the deaf through Sounds Of Silence. This has, in-turn, provided employment opportunities to more than 50 Hearing and Speech Impaired kids across Mumbai, Delhi and Pune, who were sitting idle, out of work just a few months back.

SOS seeks more such small businesses and companies, who wish to outsource their work to us, which will thus help us in providing employment to many such hearing and speech impaired students who are trained, skilled and wish to work.

Founder :

Our inspiration is our founder Mr Sumit Singh Gandhi. He has done his MBA from S.P. Jain Mumbai and Executive (SPNM) from Harvard Business School. He did his engineering from NIT Surathkal. He has worked with GE in the past. While interacting with the people from the NGO in the daily commute vans he happened to meet another 25 year enthusiast like us, but as he was deaf and mute so he could not interact. Sumit being a keen enthusiast in conversing and interacting with others came up with the idea of writing a text and showing it to him. This lead to an engrossed conversations of more than an hour which took place daily.

Founder’s  Speak – “In a nutshell, this idea came to me while I was doing my social internship as a part of SP Jain Institute of Management and Research. All urban youngsters in India and abroad have had SMS, texting, typing, Blackberry Messenger, Skype or at least one of these as a part of growing up. We cannot deny that to a considerable extent all of these technological factors have helped us groom our personalities and connect us to the outside world-friends, family, colleagues, clients etc. I’m being selfish. Not for myself but for these kids who’ve never had anyone to teach them to communicate in ways other than textbooks and sign language. They’ve never had anyone to help them express themselves and feel even an ounce like normal kids of their age. I’m being selfish and taking the first step towards something so noble and complacent. I just know , My idea is genuine and Deaf/ Mute kids can see the world in totally different fashion by a plain SMS.”