What is 100 Santa Project?

An initiative by Sounds of Silence to make this Christmas special for the underprivileged kids of our society. The warmth and joy one gets on opening a Christmas gift is boundless. Spreading the same smile on the street kids of Mumbai will undoubtedly bring you enormous delight. So 100 Santa Project just requires your wish and commitment for a noble cause. We at Sounds of Silence have taken up 100 Santa Project to distribute 10,000 gifts and goodies to street kids across Mumbai.

How can you contribute?

As a child many of us have always dreamt of being a Santa Claus at least once every Christmas. So we at Sounds of Silence, give you this opportunity to become a Santa Claus for some of the most special kids across Mumbai and make their Christmas a merrier one. All you have to do is volunteer to become a Santa Claus by donating amount mentioned in the below brackets:

Brackets Deliverable
Rs. 1,000/- 1. Gifts, food and goodies for 5 kids

2. Be A Santa

Rs. 5,000/- 1. Gifts, food and goodies to 25 kids

2. You and your friend can become Santa

Rs. 10,000/- 1. Gifts, food and goodies to 50 kids

2. You and 2 friends can become Santa

Executing Point Kiosk

As a part of this project, all the participants willing to become a Santa Claus have to congregate on 24th December at 3 pm at Carter’s road Bandra. Thereafter, we would be assigning you specific areas where you will go around in your Santa Claus Costumes and distribute gifts across the streets and slums of Mumbai. Our volunteers will accompany you to the respective regions.

Date: 24th December 2017

Time: 3pm

Venue: Carter’s Road, Bandra