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Sounds of Silence is one of the best NGO for Hearing Impaired in Mumbai & Delhi. Our inspiration is our founder Mr Sumit Singh Gandhi who started this as a social internship program during his MBA from SP Jain Institute of Management in Punjab. Interacting with the people from the NGO in the daily commute vans he happened to meet another 25 year enthusiast like us, but as he was deaf and mute he could not interact. Sumit being a keen enthusiast in conversing and interacting with others came up with the idea of writing a text and showing it to him. This lead to an engrossed conversation of more than an hour which took place daily. As a pilot project they gave 10 kids from pingalwara NGO in Punjab and taught them to communicate via SMS. Today they send 100 SMS per day in fluent English. Their IQ has increased from 65 to 90.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”

Helen Keller

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Sounds of Silence is a  leadership initiative aimed at freeing millions of  lives from the pain of silence & lack of expression. We aim to empower them in their battle against silence and let them Express themselves.

We envision a society without the barrier of sign language limiting the interaction of hearing impaired community with the rest of the world.


Our vision is deafness with dignity and equality, and a society where deaf people have equal opportunities to participate in all walks of life. We can envision the future where deafness is no more a ‘disability’. We see a world where they are on the same footing as the regular children.


Our values are simple. Treating others the way you wish to be treated: Respect is to honor and show consideration, this respect for each individual is what forms the foundation of SOS.
We are a group of socially responsible youngsters who wish to use technology as a medium for bringing about this change.